How to get around in the galleries

You may know everything I'm about to tell you, but it did occur to me that if you don't have a touch screen, you may find navigating the galleries a little confusing. So, a few quick notes. 

You found your way into the site, great! And you found your way to this page. Now, how to get around? 

In the bar menu on your left, the "Venerable Vintage Press" link is your home page. And there, you'll find a visual representation of the menu bar. Click the pictures to navigate.

Once inside, the galleries use a horizontal scrolling template. If you have a touch screen, you'll probably know to swipe left or right to see all the images. If not, like me, use your mouse's scroll wheel or the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen to slide things left or right. 

Under each image in the galleries, there is a linked caption. Click on that and you'll go right to the source image on a different site.

From anywhere inside VVP, to get back to the home page, just hit "Venerable Vintage Press" in the left-hand menu bar or hit the feathered V to go all the way out and come back in again.


You'll find a more formal introduction to Venerable Vintage Press on the About page. It's there that I explain in more detail the mission of this site ~ to display and sell beautiful postcards developed from very beautiful historic images.

Happy sailing! And let me know if you have questions. 


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