Copyright & reproduction

Venerable Vintage Press (VVP) postcards feature altered images of work originally created by, for the most part, artists working before or around the turn of the century, images now available through the public domain.

Whenever possible, each postcard is linked to its image source (in the digital collections of museums, libraries, etc.). For images scanned from books or magazines, rather than downloaded from digital sources, there is a link to an information page.

The original pieces are in the public domain, but the images and cards on this site are not. VVP images and postcards ~ copyright:

These images have been altered from their source, but if you'd like to see a closer rendition of what the original artists might have intended, please follow the links, and in many cases, keep looking beyond that ~ the cards are just a starting point.

Chasing down the images and collecting stories has been an unexpected and seductive pleasure (one piece always leads to another), but building the postcards has been my main focus. I haven’t tried to give the full back story of the work ~ only to let you know that there is a history and a context, and that following the breadcrumbs will add meaning to what you see.

The Resources page will give you a few places to start. If you need help, please drop me a line.

When exploring, if you run across something you want to use, please check copyright for yourself. It can be confusing and may require your own interpretation or further research. And please let me know if you have corrections for what you find on VVP.

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