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Postcards with an inspired sense of history

Venerable Vintage Press postcards start with images either found online or scanned in from personally-owned hard copies.

I've made changes to the downloads/scans to build the cards. I want to stay true to the spirit of the original image, but I don't try to create an exact replica of the source.

I chose postcards (vs. greeting card, poster, or text) as a medium because:

  • i like the hard-copy approach to correspondence.
  • it's a relatively cheap way to share art.
  • putting pen to postcard is an easy way to stay in touch.
  • the postcard's footprint is small and to the point. Card backs offer just enough space for a short, pithy message. I like that.
  • i also like thinking of the many hands that touch the cards on their way through the postal system. From found image to recipient makes for an interesting story.

Paper & format, returns & exchanges

VVP cards are commercially printed on sturdy, premium 17 pt (matte ~ or glossy upon request) and are approximately 4"x6". Each set is well packaged for shipment, and shipping is free at present, for both U.S. and international.

These are resilient postcards. They're fine traveling through the mail, but four kraft (brown paper) envelopes are included. Fifty cents off if you ask to leave them out.

I'm happy to exchange a card if you'd like to pay for shipping. I don't accept returns unless there is a problem. But if you are a new customer, I can send a free sample so you can look before buying.


The cards are sold in groups of 4. See the shop for pre-selected packs, but you can choose your own set of four cards. Contact me for details. Most images on VVP have a corresponding card.


Click on any image on the Contents page to get to a gallery. Once there, click the header image to move through all images.

Drop me a line if you have questions or special orders. ~ Thanks, Pam

(Check the Copyright Page for questions re: image use).