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postcards with an inspired sense of history ~ Venerable Vintage Press and your host.

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background information and discussion about the postcards and the artwork (and the original artists). Respond via Disqus.

Blooms & Seeds
images of blossoms and seed packets developed from various online sources, including the USDA National Agricultural Library's digital  archives

Le Théatre Magazine
hard-copy scans of  photographic plates from Le Théatre, a magazine covering turn-of-the-century French theater ~ issues: 1910 to 1913. 

S.M. Prokudin-Gorskii
altered images developed from Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii's  photographic survey of the Russian Empire (1905-1915) ~ Library of Congress digital collection. 

covers from two Socialist publications (1911-1924), The Masses (see NYU's Tamiment Library) and The Liberator (see Marxist. org)

Russian Revolution
images developed from hard-copy scans of propaganda posters for the 1917 Russian Revolution.

depictions of women and their unquenchable spirit ~ developed from various online sources.

WPA, b/w, & tinted
images developed from NY Public Library's Work Projects Administration (WPA) collection ~ as well as b&w and tinted images from other sources.

periodical covers (Collier's, the Rocky Mountain News, movie magazines, Harper's, and Gil Blas) ~ created from hard-copy scans and a variety of other sources. 

children, mothers ~ from a variety of online sources.

Children's Literature
covers and plates from publications for children.

Spirt & Myth
spiritual, mythical, and mystical ~ images from a variety of sources.

images without category.

links to sample sources ~ download a source image for your own project.

Source images are in the public domain (follow enclosed links). Please use the source, not VVP's altered images.

Public Comments & Our Privacy Policies
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