The Rocky Mountain News

I grew up in Denver in the early 50s and remember The Rocky Mountain News by its unique shape. It was a tabloid ~ short and opened like a book. I ran across old copies at my friend’s shop in Saguache, CO (Antiques, Etc). I scanned in the covers and created the cards.

The Rocky Mountain News:  “a newspaper that was a Denver institution for just short of 150 years, was Colorado’s oldest newspaper and possibly the longest running business in the state. Born during the 1859 Colorado Gold Rush, the paper went through many ups and downs, until it finally closed its doors in 2009, just two months shy of its 150th anniversary. For that century and a half, the Rocky Mountain News was to many Coloradans, the standard…”


Images used for cards: 1906-1909
Illustrators: Wireman, Kimball, JES, McFall, Flagg, Beard.