Le Théatre

I have 5 leather-bound collections (1910-1913) of issues of the French publication, Le Théatre. The books have several fine color plates, as well as discussion about the French theater scene. The publication is in French, which I don’t speak, so I focused on the plates. I scanned in my favorites for the postcards. Holding the books was a treat in itself. They’re quite large and full of flavor. The presence of the actors is clear in the excellent photographs.

I found an online article at Villanova University’s Falvey Memorial Library discussing the publication. Other than that, I haven’t been able to find much. I did find the quote below from the London Royal Academy of Music’s website, but that link no longer works: 

“…a French magazine comprising articles, portraiture, and scenography related to the French theater. The publication included information on opera productions, composers and performers, as well as general theater history. The magazine was published monthly, in French, from 1898 to 1914 by Manzi, Joyant, and Co., in Paris.” 

Le Théatre photographers: Waléry, Felix, Talbot, Bert, Chéri-Rousseau d’ Glauth, Dover Street Studios (London), Ruetlinger, Boissannas & Taponier, Vizzavona, Gerschel, Larcher, and Enrietti.